Tranquil setting at Camping Moulin Brûlé


Welcome to Moulin Brûlé, a friendly, luxury, adults-only rural campsite with accommodation located in 4 acres of unspoilt peaceful countryside. Just over the border from the Dordogne into the Lot-et-Garonne and close to historic and lively Eymet. Relax by the heated swimming pool where loungers and parasols are provided. Enjoy an icecream, cold drink or chocolate from the poolside honesty bar.

We have one dog friendly pitch for caravans or motorhomes.

The whole of SW France is at extreme risk of fire through the summer so charcoal is not permitted. Please use only gas BBQs or electric planchas.


A peaceful poolside retreat with gite, static home and camping, just for grown-ups

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Adults Only ~ Enjoy the peace

We wish to preserve the tranquillity of our campsite and create a calm space for those wanting to escape the activities of family life. For this reason we do not permit children under the age of 18 to stay on the site. For this reason, we will also decline large groups.


New owners Gary & Heather

Our Story…

Season 5 ~ 29 May 2021

It is with regret and much sadness that we have decided not to open the camspite this summer. The French decision to close its borders to UK holidaymakers, along with Brittany Ferries cancelling our crossing on 6th June, has made our situation unviable.

It is very unfortunate that our Dutch and European guests, who are not affected by the same restrictions as the British, will also be affected.

We will be very happy to transfer your booking to 2022 or indeed to offer you a full refund of your deposit. Please let us know how you wish to proceed.

We will write to all our guests individually as soon as we can.

Bonne chance with making alternative arrangements for your holiday this summer.

Warmest wishes to all our campsite friends, Gary and Heather


Season 5 ~ 17 May 2021

The situation in Europe is far from settled. Although Portugal is on the Green list we Brits are not permitted to enter as we are a ‘third’ country. We must wait and see what M Macron has to say about the Brits travelling to France.

On a personal level, Gary has been unwell for some time. He is going into hospital on Tuesday 18th for an operation. We are not sure how he will be feeling following surgery and in particular whether he will be fit to make our planned journey to France on 6th June and to undertake all the necessary campsite maintenance. We had hoped to give you all a much clearer idea of our plans today. Unfortunately, we must wait until the end of May before we can say more.

We are very sorry that we cannot be more definite about the situation until then. If you would like to postpone your holiday or defer it until 2022 this is of course an option. If it transpires that we are unable to open the campsite in time we will offer you a full refund.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Season 5 ~ April 2021

As we are sure you are all aware, cases have now spread into The Dodogne and The Lot and France is currently in lockdown. They are finally making headway with their vaccination program so we are hoping that these 2 factors will mean that France will re-open in time for the summer season…

Many of you have already deferred your holiday with us until 2022 to avoid any uncertainty. You may wish to consider delaying your holiday until later in the year.

We know that many of you are worried and dont want to leave decisions until the last minute. We intend to make a decision on this summer season 17 May 2021.

In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy the upcoming indoor dining. Who would have thought we would be excited and grateful for such a thing!


Season 5 ~ March 2021

Good news, we have both had our first vaccines and are expecting the 2nd late May. So with this in mind we are making more definite plans to travel, indeed the ferry is booked for 1st week of June.

Alas, the French government has not announced when camspites will be allowed to re-open. We are in touch with the local tourist office and will let you all know as soon as we hear anything.

Season 5 ~ February 2021

We are as a nation making progress in this battle but it does seem to be oh so slowly. We are being told it is too soon for Brits to make plans for this summer holidays. Indeed, we do not know when travel restrictions will be lifted either here or in France. For the moment, restrictions are increasing.

The vaccination program is well under way. We have decided that we will not travel until we have had our vaccines. We are not sure what state the hospitals are in locally but we cant imagine they are any better off then us. We hope we dont have to find out!

We are caught between not wanting to make hasty decisions regarding our planned opening and not making decisons soon enough to allow everyone sufficient time to make alternative plans.

We have taken the decision to delay opening the campsite until 1st July. By this time we hope that everything will be up and running and you will not experience any travel issues.

We also want to be sure that all the wonderful vineyards and fetes are open as well as the fabulous restaurants in Eymet and surrounding villages.

We are beginning to get a sense of how Boris must feel – damned if he does and damned if he doesnt…

Bonne santé tout le monde


Season 5 ~ January 2021

Happy New Year to you all!

Over New Year we found ourselves home alone dining on egg and chips, yum! Our thoughts inevitably turning to the future and France.

Fantastic news about the vaccine, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. At long last we feel we can look forward and start planning for the summer. There was so much maintenance we intended to do on the campsite last year, we don’t really want to contemplate what will be waiting for us this year…

Friends have checked on the house for us and got rid of the mice! It seems that quite a few creepy crawlies have made their homes in our house. More cleaning!


Season 4 ~ 2020


Happy Christmas to you all! We are sure your Christmas was a bit unusual this year. Ours certainly was! We had a lovely early Christmas Day with those of our 4 children who were in the country. We sat outside under the terrace with the fire pit blazing, patio doors open and the heating blaring! But, it was a time to count our blessings and be thankful we are all healthy and still working.

Gifts seemed to be very much a secondary interest. We were far more interested in chatting and making up for lost time. Lets face it, just what did we really need anyway…?


Well, the nights are drawing in and getting cooler and our enthusiasm for all those lockdown activities is waning too.

We tried to maintain a ‘normal’ Saturday night by dressing for dinner chez nous or on occasion even dining out with 2 friends.


We somehow hoped things would improve and we would make the journey to France, as some of you in fact did. Sadly, this was not to be. Gary has a business in the UK and it was vital he kept it afloat as much for the sake of his staff as ourselves. He could not risk being incapacitated here and certainly not in France. Having furloughed all his staff Gary had no choice but to get stuck in and reacquaint himself with his business. He loved it! It was like going back to his roots and he got involved in all sorts of things that his staff probably wished he hadn’t!! Thankfully, the building trade is operational and all his staff are now back at work.

Heather spent virtually every day in the garden, cutting back and clearing 3 years worth of neglect. She planted a great selection of vegetables and it was a joy to wander into the garden and pick the supper. We were even here to harvest our plums this year and keep our hand in with the jam making.

We enjoyed lots of fabulous walks on the beach with Jenny and felt truly blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country.



Well, not the start to 2020 that we had envisioned! But, the most important thing is, are you all well? We sincerely hope so!

We went on holiday to Vietnam in February/March (there was no option to cancel at that time) and escaped with 3 hours to spare before they shut down our resort. Quarantine in Vietnam was not an attractive proposition! We have never been so glad to be home.

So, we know all too well the fear of being unwell/locked down in a foreign land. We know that none of our lovely guests will want to risk this either. For this reason, we have taken the very difficult decision to close for the summer. We also needed an element of certainty in our lives. Now, as disappointing as this is, we can all make some realistic plans to enjoy the summer.

At the moment we have no way of getting out to France ourselves. The grounds have become very overgrown and in need of a good deal of attention. We probably need a good month to pull it around.

We are offering everyone the opportunity to defer their holiday until 2021, we will maintain this year’s prices. We know its very difficult to predict dates this far in advance but we would urge you to choose some dates now and we will amend them as often as necessary. We can only hope that the airlines and ferries survive and that flights to Bergerac resume.

The French government has issued an emergency directive for all those involved in the tourist industry. We are not obliged to refund deposits at this stage which is an enormous help at the moment, we thank you for your understanding. Instead, we can  issue you with a voucher for the amount you have paid directly to us, valid for 18 months. (Please see our T&C)

We were all looking forward to another glorious summer of relaxation, cheese and wine, yoga, paella and good company. However, there are those who are much worse off than ourselves so we must remain grateful and positive. We will emerge the other side as a more caring community.

We hope to get out to Agnac late summer/early autumn and will use the time to paint and upgrade our facilities, the Gite and Static and maybe even use the pool!

Please take good care of yourselves, enjoy your homeland, take time to smell the roses. We look forward to seeing you at Moulin Brulé (in your pristine motorhomes, caravans and tents) in 2021.

Bonne santé, Gary and Heather


Season 3 ~ 2019

The end of another glorious summer brings a touch of sadness that it is over for another year but tinged with the excitement of going home to see friends and family.

We have had a phenomenally busy summer with many more visitors from The Netherlands thanks to C4 A New Life in the Sun where the program was shown this spring. The film crew returned this year to do a ‘where are they now feature’ which will screen March/April.

2019 saw the introduction of weekly Yoga sessions onsite with the lovely Celine. Guests who have always wanted to try yoga but never had the time or opportunity really enjoyed their classes. So many of our male guests joined in too!

Quiz Master Gary put together a varied selection of international questions for the Boys v Girls challenge. Plenty of rivalry and laughs with some close finishes!

The Electric Bikes proved to be very popular adding another dimension to holidays for those who havent cycled for years. The surrounding towns of Eymet, Lauzun and Castillonnes are easily reachable.

Our Paella Nights were as popular as ever with Curry & Poppadoms now added to our repertoire. Its a joy to see guests relax and make new friends. The campsite is buzzing with conversation and laughter the next day, in fact the party continued for several days on one occasion.

The Reception Chalet is Heather’s little bolt hole and is filled with homemade conserves, local wine, books, Thai relaxation mats, games and loads of maps and info on the local area.

We welcome dogs but have made the decision to limit the number onsite so would ask you to contact us please before making your booking.

We get the greatest pleasure from watching guests who arrive stressed, tired, withdrawn and grey emerge from the cocoon of their hideaway after a few days with colour in their cheeks and smiles on their faces. So many of you have said how wonderfully peaceful and rejuvenating Camping Moulin Brule is.

We love the pace of life. Its like going back in time 50 or 60 years. Everything shuts for the all important family lunch and people have time for one another. Neighbours look out for each other and there is a real sense of community. Possibly the reason so many of you choose to buy a house here.

Please come and experience the tranquility, wine , cheese and friendship with us here at Moulin Brule next year…

Season 2 ~ 2018

What a summer! It was fabulous seeing so many of you, thanks in no small measure to the C4 program A New Life in the Sun (S2 E1-5) which it seems a lot of you watched. I think we lived up to expectations…. Thank you for joining us and for the wonderful reviews many of you left us. It would seem our hard work paid off.

The year started with the wettest Spring possible, we had no choice but to close to tents. While the UK was basking in sunshine we were squelching around until the end of June.

Still, it gave us the opportunity to fit a new kitchen in the static c/w dishwasher.  The new swimming pool liner was fitted giving the pool a fresh new look. The new air-source heat pump and hard electric cover make a huge difference to not only the appearance but water temperature, 8 degrees warmer! The sun finally shone affording us some lovely early season swims.

This summer we actually had time to harvest the beautiful soft fruits growing on the site and make Fig & Orange Conserve, Blackberry, Pear & Cassis Liqueur Jam along with some Plum & Vanilla Liqueur Jam. Yum!

Heather is pleased to report that her long awaited Reception/Shop was finally completed – 2 weeks before the end of the season!! Next year you will be able to ring a bell and check-in at the chalet. There is a lot more space for local information and we have a book library too, oooh!

We celebrated the Royal Wedding with a champagne tea and homemade scones and jam for our guests. The paella and curry nights were a huge success too.

This winter we have already started a bit of landscaping and planting to create a little more privacy and shade where we felt needed. We have planted a golden plum and an apricot as well as lots of flowering shrubs.

In all, a thoroughly good summer. We look forward to sharing it with you all again next year.

Gary & Heather

In the beginning 2017…

Welcome to our little piece of paradise we call Moulin Brûlé. Having travelled extensively through Europe in our motorhome and fallen in love with the European way of life, we decided to take the plunge and bought this delightful project in February 2017.

The fact is, Gary had some extremely successful life-changing surgery for trigeminal neuralgia in August 2016 which gave us both a whole new outlook on life and hungry for a new challenge.

Not wishing to fall into the trap of sinking a bottle of red every afternoon, we needed something to keep us busy, enter Moulin Brûlé. So, we have left our 4 grown-up kids back home and offer you the opportunity to do the same.

Gary is a semi-retired electrician turned cook and Heather an enthusiastic gardener and lover of the countryside. Our aim is to enjoy the simple pleasures of life in a beautiful place surrounded by happy fun-loving people. This is where you come in…

We invite you to share our oasis of calm, a tranquil spot for you to relax under a tree with a book, soak up some sun by the pool, sample local delicacies and wine and just plain chill.


We are dog friendly

We have a Sprollie (Border Collie / Springer Spaniel cross) named Jenny. She is a rescue dog and has been with us since 2009. She adores people and although she will bark when strangers arrive she will soon be your best friend and lap up any amount of fuss and attention. You are most welcome to bring your dog too but we would respectfully ask you to keep it on a long tether.


The Moulin Brûlé Cottage sleeps 2, renovated Static Home sleeps 2, 5 pitches for motorhomes and caravans and oodles of room for just 3 tents.


Swimming pool with loungers & umbrellas, premium shower block, laundry facilities, bikes and more.

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Out and About

Local attractions, Eymet, Lauzun, Sauvetat-du-Dropt and Miramont, markets, chateaux, vineyards and restaurants.

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The Accommodation at Moulin Brûlé

The Cottage

Modern cottage with double bedroom and ensuite shower room. Fully equipped kitchen diner and comfortable lounge sofa. Terrace for alfresco dining.

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The Static Home

Luxury air conditioned kingsize bedroom with fitted wardrobes and separate walk-in shower room. Fully equipped kitchen with dining area and lounge.

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Motorhomes & Caravans

5 generous pitches set amongst woodland with partial shade and sun. All have water, electric hook-up is available.

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Tent Pitches

4 acres of grass and woodland for just 3 tent pitches with partial shade, use of swimming pool and luxury shower block.

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Join us at Moulin Brûlé – Rural camping and accommodation, just for grown-ups